Pen Name : Seok Cheon

Graduated from Hongik University and the same Graduate School Dept. of Oriental Painting

1982~1986  Assistant Professor of Changwon National University, College of Arts, Dept. of Fine Arts


<Private Exhibition>

1985~200 Invited Private Exhibition, 14 times(Korea, Japan, China)


<Group & Invitation Exhibitions>

1989~1991 Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition (National Museum of Contemporary Art)

1990    Korea's Contemporary Genre Painting Invitation Exhibition (National Museum of Contemporary Art)

1991    Sinmi Year(the Year of the Sheep) Painting of Sheep Special Invitation Exhibition(National Museum of            Contemporary Art)

1991~2007 National Museum of Contemporary Art Invitation: Art Museum to be Visited Exhibition (National            Museum of Contemporary Art)

1994    Seoul International Contemporary Art Festival Invitation Exhibition(National Museum of Contemporary            Art)

1995    Contemporary Korean Painting Invitation Exhibition, Under the Auspices  of Korea Literary Promotion            Center (Peking National Culture Gung)

1999    Korean Painting's Position and Prospect Invitation Exhibition(Daejeon Museum of Art)

2001    Korean Painting in Revolution Period: Reflection and Illumination, Gongpyeong Art Center Planning            (Gongpyeong Art Center)

2002    Asia International Art Exhibition: Asian Spirit Invitation Exhibition(Busan Cultural Hall)

2004    New Collection 2003 Exhibition (National Museum of Contemporary Art)Animal's Travel in the Painting            Invitation Exhibition(Daejeon Museum of Art)

2005~2006 Oriental Painting New Millenium Invitation Exhibition(Seoul Arts Center Art Museum)


<Award Record>

1980~1999 National Art Exhibition, Special Selection 4 times & Examiner Award(National Museum of            Contemporary Art)

1981    JungAng Art Competition Exhibition, Encouragement Award(National Museum of Contemporary Art)

2007    Art World, Artist's Award (Monthly Art World)


<Production of Portrait Scroll & Others>

1995~2007 Production and Designation of National Standard Portrait Scroll, such as YuGwanSun, JeongMunBu,             Baekje's Mrs. Domi, etc.

2003    Picture Book of Movie (Scandal) and Production & Showing of Lady Suk Mrs. Jeong's Full-length Figure

2006    Being Accepted as the Production Artist, Prize Subscription Contest for National Standard Portrait Scroll            of Nongae

2007    Korea · Singapore Joint Production of Painting for Stamp (8 kinds of Traditional Wedding Clothes)


<Examiner Career>

2005    Deliberation Commissioner for the Support of Endowment for Daejeon City Literary Promotion

2006    Deliberation Commissioner for Work Collection for Daejeon Museum of Art

2007    Recommendation Commissioner for Purchase of Artwork(Gingko) for National Museum of Contemporary            Art


<Present> Professor of Chungnam National University, College of Arts, Dept. of Painting


<Address> 309-702, Expo Apts., Jeonmin-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon City, Korea

<Tel> +82-42-862-1106(Residence)  

<C.P.> +82-18-413-1106

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