Yun, Yo-Whans Dialectic Modeling in Art

Art critic / Bak, Yong-Suk

It's difficult to understand artist like Yun Yo-Whan whose have had experience of self enlightenment. 

In fact it's not too much to say that becoming an artist is to obtain apotheosis, whatever form it may be.

Nietzche obtained verification of the truth, by chance, from watching a demon from a rock. Michelangelo got verification about the "Beauty" by finding the image that he had been seeking for.

A rock and demon, a rock and image are not absolutely different In meaning, but there is a commonality that they found in the rock; the rock is only an inanimate object. Just a mass of matter physically. 

Thus seeing the image from an inanimate object is a "Chaos" and an "Experience of Marvel" such as seeing a demon from a pair of dirty socks. 

It's the same as we have many feelings when we admire a Salvidor Dali painting.

It's a significant fact that the Chaos and Marvel is generated from the power of creativity. When we think about that, every creation is based on Chaos. 

It's essential that the artist must experience. What is Chaos, you ask?

Does it mean disorder? Chaos is a disorder. How does the Cosmos come from disorder? 

That's clearly the contradiction. There was the words Nietzche said; he suggested that the truth of Natural Law is Contradiction;

therefore art entreats contradiction. Great artists can catch the irrational situation.

Yun,Yo-Whan said the meaning of this discrepancy is this:

"Nature is made in harmony. Life is means harmony, All have

the primordial character of trying to be rhythm with itself. On the other

hand nature changes. Order becomes stability but it quickly and easily

becomes boredom. The structure breaks downs. Change: it brings

destruction and revolution. Harmony means destruction, death, and ruin.

Rebirth by Death? Acquisition by abandonment. New order and new life.

Creation restarts."

The harmony of destruction and the realization of the inconsistent is motive power of creation in his work.

Yun, Yo-Whan changed his traditional style of painting of animal paintings to the abstract genre:

"Revealed Psalms". The point is to ask the eternal question... "Why?". That is an important aspect to his art world.

If comparing his traditional realistic "Concrete Paintings" to his new abstract style, his abstract would be said to be demonic. To explain more in detail, we need to go over the matter of "modeling".

His animal paintings, as we called it "goat paintings", are different to the Western Wildlife Genre. The nature of objects and space, although different in execution, is similar in nature and approach. 

In his paintings, goats are laid in the field, as a rock is laid on the earth.

The goat has a special property of "ever existing"(like a rock). Yun believes that after harmony and order,there is change and destruction. Yun denies the goat and the rock. 

Possession: is mass and gravity ( the present ).

Abandonment: is space and time. So "The Revealed psalm" starts in extincting the mass of being and gravity. 

That is the thought that materials and space are not two, but two bodies.

Therefore, all should not be laid anywhere. This a vision that we can experience only in the land of dreams. Yun said this :

"What am I going to catch? I cut thinking. I go to intuition over

thought. The rational thinking make a mystery that we can,t

understand. Ego must die. Extinction makes a rebirth, Half death

makes a half birth."

He is fully convinced that he can be reborn by cutting out the thinking and death of himself. So he commands his goats to get off the grass and he puts his goats into chaos. The goats and field are going back in history in the tornado. So, his abstract genre begins.

His chaos is the Revealed, the Revealed is rebirth.

In the series of "The Revealed psalm", his su-muk( Indian Ink ) has a power. It's like an analytical shadow of the Cubism and reveals the extreme factors of losing gravity. Into the black hole, flowers, faces, plants etc. are disappearing and complecated.

Going back to the past time of the objects point to the small pieces of a language in the canvas. What is the language?

Even though this is a civilized age, is there still the unsolved language?

Yun's trying to connect with the revealed world. Finally, the unsolved past time by rational, reasonable things becomes only uncivilized things beyond that. But many unsolved languages are never uncivilized. The unsolved is not uncivilized but beyond the three-dimensional world.

These days, Yun's announcing the series of "The Meditation travel" differently with "The Revealed psalm". He refectled that the world of "The Revealed psalm" is the non-interference of modeling, even though it's his religious passion. Yun said this:

"My religious passion and non-interference of modeling were

stuck in that. So It's time to refind the goat thrown and start in

painting, realizing the ego. That's the "The Meditation travel", the goat

paintings, from '93 summer."

"The Revealed psalm" is a work that cuts the burden of life and existence.

The "The Meditation Travel" work a putting together of what is.

In the "The Meditation Travel", the goat obtains a different meaning:

the goats are not laid down like rocks, but are placed with care with other things to obtain a harmony.

This is Yun's world through the divine symmetry of the positive and the negative, the all pervading ying and yang.

His perspective of the world and existence will provoke mind and heart and provide an insight into the Korean Philosophy of Art.